NRL Betting in the Digital Age: How Technology is Changing the Game

It may be due to our convict past or the harshness the climate but Australians have always enjoyed a bet. “Having a crack” is part of most Australian’s DNA and betting dates back to European settlement in the early 1800s.  How we bet in Australia has constantly changed throughout time and Australian society has adapted with these changes.

Every bet that is placed on the NRL has been touched by technological improvements. The NRL premiership odds are set with the assistance of data and algorithms from previous matches. As the data collection methods in the NRL get refined so too will the bet types and odds.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Place Bets

Betting used to be confined to the local TAB or Pub TAB which led to both logistical and security issues. A lot of TAB agencies were closed at 6pm at night when the major sporting events of the day had yet to begin making it difficult for bettors to place their bets. Wagers were placed in cash which was a security issue for the larger punters as well as those working at the TAB.

The introduction of the internet has led to a revolution is betting with a large number of online bookmakers in the market. Bets can be placed 24/7 and there are a large number of markets available on every game.

The Use of Data and Analytics in NRL Betting

Data analytics has revolutionized the way information is gathered, analysed and interpreted in all areas of society. This is particularly relevant in the area of sport and sports betting. Match day and player information can be used to make forecast into future results and events by bettors.

This information is generally displayed as a “Predictive Model” or “Forecast” for NRL matches. While analytics are not a “crystal ball” into the future, it does provide a sound basis into how certain events in a game may play out.  Stats are thrown out ad nauseum during NRL matches by the commentary team. Data and analytics look deeper into those stats and determines their relevance. 

The Role of Streaming Technology in NRL Betting

Streaming technology has revolutionized how NRL fans watch the games, view the stats and place their bet on NRL. Every game can be watched live online and betting odds can be viewed on smartphones. NRL news and opinion is accessible to all the fans which is helping grow the popularity of the games.

The Future of Technology in NRL Betting and its Impact on the Industry

Improved technology will continue to play a part in the growth of the sports betting industry and in particular NRL. With more consumers having access to high-speed internet and smartphones becoming cheaper, betting on the NRL will become more accessible.

This increased market size will pave the way for even more bet types and betting promotions as companies try to find new customers. Smartphone apps will become easier to use with voice activation not far away. Statistical information on live events will become available instantaneously and this will drive demand in the “Live” betting space.


Technology has significantly impacted the sports betting industry within Australia. Easier accessibility to watching games and a greater range of betting products have been the major positive outcomes. The use of data and analytics enables punters an opportunity to place informed bets on a range of novelty markets that did not exist five years ago skyward fbisd. It is a great time to be a NRL fan!

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