Hunter X Hunter Is Back After Hiatus – What You Should Lookout For

A total of 148 episodes & 6 seasons from 2011-2014. We are excited about the manga returning from hiatus and a question arises, “Will there be a season 7 of Hunter x Hunter? Find out.

We all have our eyes and ears wide open for the new season of Hunter x Hunter. The date has not been confirmed for release but episodes are in production as announced by creator Yoshihiro Togashi. He teased the formation of a much-awaited new season, especially as the hiatus of the manga ended in 2022 after a 4-year long wait and has yet to be back to a weekly release. Well, manga fans will be waiting until the end of time.

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Some History on Hunter x Hunter:

Yoshihiro Togashi made the series Hunter x Hunter in 1998 after his manga Xu Xu Hakusho ended in 1994 and another year later in 1995, the anime ended too. Even, the series Xu Xu Hakusho ended earlier than anticipated due to the health of the author. Hunter x Hunter after starting in 1998 has gone on many hiatuses since 2006 and finally has announced its comeback for both the manga and the anime series.

The first chapter came out in 1998 in the 14th Shonen Jump issue of that year, continued for 280 chapters, and then went on hiatus until it was re-serialized in August 2011. The most recent hiatus began in 2018 and ended in 2022.

The total episodes to date as of May 5th, 2023 are 148 episodes compiled under 6 seasons. For the manga, 37 volumes have been initiated, which hold 400 chapters in total as of December 25, 2022 (JST). The Hunter x Hunter anime concluded with 148 episode covers up until chapter 339 of the manga.

The Release of Season 7

The Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date has not been confirmed as of April 2023. The creator did give a tease about it back in May 2022 that a new season is forming. The creator had put up the manga on hiatus, which is why the production stopped as it caught up to the storyline of the manga and it is always a given that manga has to progress faster than anime production.

This is because there are many fans of manga rather than animation and many are both readers and watchers of anime. Thus, the manga chapter progressed faster than the televised part.

How Do We Know that Hunter x Hunter is Returning?

First, the creator Yoshihiro Togashi returned with new chapters of the manga in October 2022 after 4 long years of a hiatus due to his chronic back issues. However, the issue prevailed and the manga went back on a hiatus after the 10 new chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump. Discussions are underway on moving the manga from weekly to monthly V-Jump so, it can accommodate the author and his health concerns.

Now, months later, Togashi tweeted on March 9th, 2023 about the production of the series and that one chapter is completed. He is ecstatic to work again and give more time to a series beloved by him and his fans.

The tweet alone reached fourteen million views, that too in less than a day. We can only hope that the author is at his fittest and we can get our favorite series back soon.

End Note:

Hunter x Hunter a shonen based anime has kept fans on the hook. However, the fans are going crazy and rejoicing the news of season 7 underway by Studio Madhouse, till then the fans will wait patiently.

Meanwhile, you can indulge in other classic and new shonen anime like One Piece, Gintama, and One Punch Man the classics, and new favorites like Boku no Hero Academia, Demon Slayer (we’re sure you’ve heard of this one), Attack on Titan, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Because let’s face it, once an anime fan –always an Otaku.

Have some other questions about Hunter x Hunter, check the FAQ below. If you still have some questions, mention in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a hiatus?

Hiatus is a temporary break in the manga or anime by the author due to personal reasons and are unable to draw or continue the storyline further.

When and why does a hiatus occur?

Hiatuses usually happen with manga when the condition of the artist is hindered and is not able to draw and thus the anime is paused too. Further, the hiatus may spell an end to the manga and be discontinued if its popularity drops during that time, and thus the anime production stops too. However, for popular anime, fans may wait for years until the mange returns.

Did the Hunter x Hunter anime end?

The anime did not stop airing. The manga ran out of chapters to be televised. Author Yoshihiro Togashi had to stop writing the mange due to acute pain in his back from when he was working on Yu Yu Hakusho and has continued through his other works, leaving his performance lowered for further workings.

Is Hunter x Hunter coming back in 2023?

Studio Madhouse has confirmed that the Hunter x Hunter season 7 date of release has not been confirmed as of April 2023.

Is Hunter x Hunter coming back with Season 7?

The production is in process and will be back surely as claimed Studio Madhouse, the production company for the series confirmed a new season after 8 years.

What company owns Hunter x Hunter?

The Hunter × Hunter manga and anime series are the intellectual property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Shueisha, Nippon Animation, and Madhouse.

How many tankōbon volumes are there of Hunter x Hunter?

The chapters are collected under 37 tankōbon volumes as of November 2022 by publisher Shueisha.