What Are the Best Snacks for a Gaming Party?

Hosting a gaming party or being invited to a gaming party goes beyond planning on what games to play. Another important thing that you should think about is finding the perfect snack that is easy to eat and mess-free. That is why whether you’re planning a gaming party and you’re a little lost on what snacks you should prepare, do not worry because we are here to give you a breakdown of what snacks to serve. 

  • Charcuterie Board 

Charcuterie Board 

You can never go wrong with serving a cheese board. Different spreads, sliced meats, olives, nuts, cheese, crackers, and olives are easy ways to make your charcuterie board delicious and beautiful. When serving a cheese board, we suggest that you put at least three kinds of cheese to choose from since everyone has different tastes. You can add cheddar which most people love, soft cheese such as goat cheese or Brie tor some varying texture, and something funky such as blue cheese, gouda, or Manchego. 

  • Finger Sandwiches and Sliders

Finger Sandwiches and Sliders

If you want a heartier snack than a bowl of chips, then you should try serving finger sandwiches and sliders. The key to making your guests come back for more is to keep them small to a few bites so that they are easier to eat and more accessible when you’re playing a game or eating in between turns. Cuban sliders, mini burgers, or vegetable and hummus sandwiches are just some of the examples of finger sandwiches and sliders that are easy to prepare and even easier to munch on. 

  • Pigs in a Blanket

We think most of us can all agree that pigs in a blanket are a childhood favorite that no one outgrows. That is why we feel that this is one of the perfect snacks to serve during game night. All you have to do is wrap some small sausages or cut up hot dogs and cheese in some crescent rolls, then cook. This is a simple, hearty snack to serve that will indeed have your guest clear the plate before the game even starts. 

  • Toothpick Treats

Toothpick Treats

Mini meatballs, fruits, and cheese, Caprese skewers, or Prosciutto-wrapped melon, the list of foods that you can turn into toothpick treats is endless. Aside from looking cute and delicious, we’re sure that your guests will love the one-bite delicacies. 

  • Soft Pretzel Bites

Soft Pretzel Bites

These snacks are always a hit. The best thing about soft pretzel bites is that you do not have to exert so much effort in preparing them because you can find them in the frozen food section at your local supermarket. You pop them in the oven and prepare a cheese dip or some mustard, and then you have a snack that everybody will surely love. 

  • Cookies


If you want to balance all the salty with sweet, then cookies are the way to go. Those gooey and chewy chocolate chip cookies will surely hit the spot and satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. 

  • Doritos


Chips that are covered with flavoring dust always make the perfect snack. Although it is messy to eat, and you will have to see your guests immediately licking their fingers after getting a piece, it is still one of the easiest and tastiest snacks that you can serve on a game night. 

  • Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are messy but also really delicious. You can serve them before the games start so everyone will have the time to savor and finish their chicken wings and have time to wash their hands after. 

  • Nachos


Nachos are a great snack that most people love; however if you plan to serve this, make sure that you are all prepared for the dripping cheese or wet diced tomatoes falling on the floor, your cards, or your shirt. 

  • Veggie Tray

A veggie tray is like the charcuterie board’s healthier counterpart. You will prepare chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini sticks, carrots, grape, or celery sticks. You can serve them with dips. So, if your guests are on a diet, this is the perfect healthy party snack to help. 

  • Candy Bowl

Candy Bowl

Jolly Ranchers, licorice, gummy bears, and maybe throw in some chocolates. Everybody loves candy and sweets. This is an easy sweet snack that can help balance all the salty and savory snacks that you serve. Make sure that you avoid sticky or melty cheap candies so that they won’t stick to your gaming cards or pieces. 

Most Popular Snacks in Every State

About 57% of Americans love to snack at least once per day, which is why it is safe to say that Americans really do like their snacks. That is why here’s a breakdown of the most notable easy-to-eat snacks in every state.

State Most Favorite Snack
Alabama Ruffles
Alaska Granola bars
Arizona Cheez-Its
Arkansas Doritos
California Cheetos
Colorado Cosmic Brownies
Connecticut Oreos
Delaware Fritos
Florida Mini Doughnuts
Georgia Lay’s chips
Hawaii Oreo
Idaho Clif Bars
Illinois Skinny Pop
Indiana Pringles
Iowa Pringles
Kansas Nutter Butter
Kentucky Fritos
Louisiana PayDay
Maine Ritz Crackers
Maryland Oreos
Massachusetts Crunch Bar
Michigan Sour Patch Kids
Minnesota Snickers
Mississippi Twinkie
Missouri Grandma’s Cookies
Montana Rice Krispies Treats
Nebraska Fritos
Nevada Kit Kat
New Hampshire Almond Joy
New Jersey Oreo
New Mexico Beef Jerky
New York Chips Ahoy!
North Carolina Starburst
North Dakota Sunflower seeds
Ohio Starburst
Oklahoma Sour Patch Kids
Oregon Kettle chips
Pennsylvania Hershey’s
Rhode Island Ritz Crackers
South Carolina Salt And Vinegar Chips
South Dakota Milky Way
Tennessee Baby Ruth
Texas Funyuns
Utah 3 Musketeers
Vermont Muffins
Virginia Oreos
Washington Cheez-Its
West Virginia Lay’s
Wisconsin Twix
Wyoming Sunflower seeds