Who are the Most Famous Adidas-sponsored Athletes?

Who are the Most Famous Adidas-sponsored Athletes

Like other sports apparel companies, Adidas sponsors renowned athletes to carry the brand and gain a massive boost in its popularity and merchandise sales. Boasting a broad horizon of endorsers, they partner with superstars across all sports, paying them up to hundreds of millions of dollars, a hefty reward to complement these … Read more

Who are the Most Famous Nike-sponsored Athletes?

Who are the Most Famous Nike-sponsored Athletes

Nike is among the most popular sports brands in the world. Their entry into the market revolutionized the shoe industry, helping them achieve their status today. Yet, another part of the company’s success is its strategic and lucrative deals, signing some of the biggest names across different sports to promote their products. … Read more

Who are the Most Famous Reebok-sponsored Athletes?


Athletic footwear’s competitive market is undoubtedly fierce with the top brands inking multimillion deals with renowned sports celebrities. Though Nike, Puma, and Adidas have made blockbuster shoe contracts, Reebok has also worked together with superstar athletes and sports legends since its foundation in 1958. Today, they taper the gap from their bigger … Read more

What are the Top 10 Most Popular Extreme Sports?

extreme sport, rock climbing

Sports boost adrenaline. Imagine you’re up to bat in the seventh World Series game or the quarterback for a team 80 yards from winning the Super Bowl but losing by six points with two minutes left. Michael Jordan’s championship was on the line in the 1998 NBA finals’ final shot. Can you … Read more

Benefits of Yoga as a Sports Enhancer

Women performing yoga

Yoga yields great mental and physical benefits that can help boost sports performance and act as a sports enhancer. This article will cover the benefits of yoga as a sports enhancer in-depth; however, before all of that, let’s look at what yoga is and its history & philosophy.  Yoga is a set … Read more

Just How Popular is Baseball?

baseball stadium

Baseball is considered a well-known sport, but just how popular is it in many countries around the world? Many can say that baseball is even more popular than most sports, like tennis, basketball, and golf. But, there are some that believe that baseball is not really that popular when you compare it … Read more

Standup Paddle Boarding Can Be a Great Sport for Anyone

Stand up paddle boarding or standup paddleboarding on quiet sea at sunset with beautiful colors during warm summer beach vacation holiday, active woman, close-up of water surface, legs and board

When the sun is shining and the weather is excellent, there’s nothing like being in or around a body of water. And when swimming or strolling at the beach is a commonplace, standup paddleboarding (SUP) is something you might want to try. While it may come as a shock to many, SUP … Read more