Learn About these Celebrities Who Also Race Cars

Paul Walker

Celebrities participate in various sports at charity events, including golf, tennis, and more. Becoming famous has many advantages, and car-related hobbies are common for stars to pursue. Having the role of an action hero in a movie is one thing but doing something dangerous in real life is quite another. Some believe … Read more

Gemma Chan Movie Roles

Movie poster of Transformers: The Last Knight

Gemma Chan is a British actress who has appeared in several movies, including “Humans,” “Captain Marvel, and “Transformers” She is best known for her roles as Anita in the AMC series “Humans” and as Astrid in the Crazy Rich Asians. With all of these movies Gemma Chan has starred in, it is … Read more

Learn More About that Amazing Actress Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan wearing a black jacket

Gemma Chan has already turned into a household name after the actress starred in the hit movies Crazy Rich Asians and Captain Marvel. However, for this 36-year-old London-born movie star, fame came to her after lots of sacrifices. In her various media interviews, Chan shared about facing a new role in Hollywood, … Read more